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Mary Poppendieck on “The Tyranny of The Plan”

Posted by Christophe on December 11, 2009

Following her new book, in this video taken at  UK Lean Conference 2009, Mary Poppendieck  challenges the concept of plans; and demonstrates the need to replace them with decoupled experienced cross functional teams highly aware of constraints; and the the kind of leadership it takes to get the most of  a system by focusing on flow rather than utilization.

Leading Lean Software Development: Results Are not the Point)

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Efficient vs. Effective

Posted by Christophe on December 8, 2009

I frequently see people trying to do things better, faster, doing more with less etc.

Less frequently do I see them evaluate if they are just being busy changes their operations, or really having a positive impact.

This is the question about the different between being efficient vs being effective.

Not sure about the difference? This may help:

Guy 1: I am so efficient I can fold 100 parachutes in a hour.
Guy 2: I am so effective I can fold 100 parachutes and every single one of them will open right.

Would you rather give your parachutes to the efficient or to the effective guy?

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