How Running And Jogging Differs:

In the world of workouts and exercises, the predominant thing that most people follow to keep themselves fit is jogging, or some call it running. The words running and jogging are not interchangeably used instead, people use the word jogging extensive enough to cover the term running too. But running and jogging are two different things. It is quite important that we all realize that running and jogging don’t just differ in terms of speed. There are many other things that draw a line of difference between the two:



Let’s begin with the known fact. The primary difference between running and jogging is the speed at which you carry out these activities. The speed limit of jogging is 6 mph while any speed more than 6 mph is defined as running.

Muscle development:

The growth of your muscle depends on the pace of your activity. It is scientifically proven that the faster you move, the better your muscles are activated. When it comes to muscle activation running serves the purpose better. Jogging is only for refreshing and reenergizing your body.

Burning numbers:

The efficiency of the work out depends on the calories you burn. Obviously sprinting burns more calories than jogging. In the ‘International Journal of Obesity,’ it was clearly stated that the total body mass reduces in significant amount only in vigorous exercises such as running than in steady-pace activities like jogging.

The lovely aftermath:

What if your body can burn calories even after you have stopped running, simply by restoring oxygen level? Yes, this can happen when you are running. Since the body is out of the niche zone when you run, the act consumes more oxygen and drains the reserves too. It takes about 48 hours to restore the oxygen levels. Which means your body will burn calories even after you have stopped running. But this doesn’t happen in jogging as jogging doesn’t eat too much of oxygen.

Where jogging over takes running?

Though it’s all nice about running, there are certain cases where jogging supersedes running, let’s see them quickly:

  • Jogging requires less effort than running. So you do not lose the energy levels quickly
  • The body temperature rises when you run whereas in jogging the body keeps it’s cool.
  • Jogging is recommended instead of running if you are going to do it at night. Because running can disturb your sleeping routine and can keep you up for hours.

Now that you know the impact of jogging and running, depending on what your body requires, choose wisely!