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We are a world-class strength and conditioning facility, and learning center based in Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand. We provide coaching and guidance to any individual with a passion for exceeding and focused support to some of New Zealand’s highest achieving athletes.

How Running And Jogging Differs

How Running And Jogging Differs

How Running And Jogging Differs: In the world of workouts and exercises, the predominant thing that most people follow to keep themselves fit is jogging, or some call it running. The words running and jogging are not interchangeably used instead, people use the word...

Different types of runs

Different types of runs

Different types of runs: The act of running can be classified into various types depending on the speed and other factors. Let’s see the different types of runs. Base run Progression run Long Run Fartlek Intervals Threshold run Hill repeats Easy run Base runs: Base...

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